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Welcome back

to NYC! 

We are excited to once again begin taking reservations for Summer 2019. We had a great 2018 and used your feedback to create a more seamless and enjoyable experience for the students, chaperones and our guides too!

There are TWO experiences offered this year.

First, schools can visit the Statue of Liberty by leaving from Battery Park.

Second, schools can visit Hangar B: a historic aircraft hangar in Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn with WW2-era restored planes. This is an awesome STEM hands-on experience that will allow the students to meet the veterans who are engineers and restore these planes. There will be opportunities to go inside some of the planes, play with model planes, and have lunch in a designated picnic area. See below for pictures.

Our experiences are fully customizable to fit your needs and schedules. Just reach out to to begin the booking process. Reach out ASAP because the best dates fill up fast.

First time booking? Here's what one site principal thought of last summer:

"Class Trip

I took 110 children on a summer trip (yes, 110), and couldn't be happier with the tour! Jerry was amazing, as was his entire staff. They were completely professional, they took their time, and were calm and organized. Jerry's knowledge about the statue was very thorough, and he made the trip completely enjoyable. Thoroughly recommend this tour group!!

Date of Experience: August 2018"


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